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About some 4K video uploaded recently and God words

This is my first time I uploading 4K video, do not know how clear can it be as well as using new audio setup, and some updates regarding God speaking to me in these 3 video. You can visit my youtube channel on the link in my blog as above or

I using Logitech Camera like over 200 bucks 4K video that I got 2 sets, as well as older Logitech camera over 100 bucks Full HD. I find that windows in windows 4K video need the video camera in 4K for both, so I buy 2 sets same model and brand as trying Full HD different types in smaller windows keep lagging for USB web camera.

Lastly, the USB sound mixer fully digital seems not easy to setup, if the power plug directly from laptop USB normal port, the power drawn is not enough to function properly. You will need a proper USB power like original power adaptor come with it or some power bank will work properly, to prevent sound going off and on after a few moments of using it to create some noise. Also if the sound recording some out of sync with video recording will need to power off and on the digital sound mixer back wait for a minute or simply restart the whole system so that it will be in sync.

About my progress of my life.

I send out some company about my CV and in a week got some job offer. Pay is a bit higher and is nearer my house traveling time is half of what it is benefit is less a bit. Is still a network engineer role in a small company but in another government project. Things there is currently very mess up and I worked over 2 months plus I also not sure how, Maybe if I resign after 3 months then serve a month notice take a short break to find another job again.

Also I added two new link as on the top left, one is about my old stuff for sales and past job experiences.

About my life moving on.

Well we reached end of the year. As you had notice, I did not post much about other people stuff. There is two post this year taken down due to posting of my family stuff which they are uncomfortable with recently. So after this incident I had made decision that marriage is for me and my love one got nothing to do with family. As me a Christian there is no point having a banquet as my love one is not a Christian to do church wedding. I need to find a simple job next year to do save up a bit like a few years to buy a small house in remote area. I should be standing up on my own try not to depend on my family much, my family of course can have their wish how much to give me. Marriage is not for show, so if I really getting married, maybe just a simple ceremony with one or two table to witness my marriage, my family, one mum side family and one dad side family, plus my love another one or two table will do.

I just resigned from my job worked for a year.

Well this is the first time I resigned in slighty less than a year, which I submitted my resignation in my company HR system. My lead did not even text me to ask how am I or call me to show some care, why I resigned did I found a job. Simply approved in two working days. This is so far the first time I encountering this since I started working in full time like year 2007. The reason I put was health, too many demand and e-mail cannot cope well with the stress. Mid of last month my colleague suddenly go Hospital leave since Monday 15 Nov 21. I asked my team what happened to her, no one knows. I just took one day leave on Mon 15 Nov 21 as was having staycation with my girlfriend on Sat for 2 nights. So on 30 Nov 21 my project manager in afternoon called me up to amend whole of last month time sheet to another project code as I given new project code in month of Oct 21 to use from 1 Nov 21 as he said felt sorry she took so much hospital leave should not charge too much money to my client as another project left some money there to deduct from it. So 1 Dec I submitted my timesheet using the new project code from 1 Nov manually to my client for approval as yesterday told by my project manager say can proceed and any claim under this new project code also. So Friday 03 Dec morning I send reminder to my client to approve my timesheet and also asking him when is he free to talk as I changing project so my company may need to find a new replacement for my position next year asking what he think as some difficulty working here. He read my message shortly did not call me or reply me at all. So afternoon still did not approved my timesheet as he never take so long to approve all the while this whole year I working with this project under him. I called up my project manager again and he told me my colleague just got pregnant will give birth in next year april. I was shocked told him I did not know she was married as I come in end of last year she still single. He also said she just got married but need to keep a secret about she got pregnant cannot tell anyone. I do not know what to do, did not ask her about this as can be sensitive to her also. So Monday 06 Dec evening I finished my work then tender my resignation on system. Last day is Wed 05 Jan 22 which is so happened my family won a big sweep in Jan 21 fall on first week Wed also as my First day should be 08 Dec 20.

Compare to last time I working in same government organization but different project as that one is more on end user computing doing imaging hardware software testing hardening script GPO for 4.5years left mid 2018. There is a lot problem working in this team and project compare to last time there lasted 4.5 year left due to completed contract cannot jump to another agency doing same project as no approval from my previous company stated clearly in job offer letter.

Well the people in the team does not have proper knowledge about network basically. For example, I handle one network request and was approved in 2018, some servers now cannot work to connect so asked me to look at it. In the first place, the network request source was put a subnet of IP addresses a whole range which can basically put thousands of server there and destination of course one IP address. Since there is a few servers there from source, just put a few server ip address with hostname will do as a source not a whole subnet. Secondly, as I do not have network diagram did not request too much to see the whole infra as they said is confidential, so no knowledge how big is the subnet in this vlan. Maybe the actual subnet is just a half of class C which can go up one hundreds plus servers or IP addresses instead of putting in the network request subnet for thousands of IP addresses. So I see the routing table to trace that few IP addresses as login to my firewall just got my system administrator status after a few months from my first day, question my senior engineer is in house staff as basically I just a contractor why one matched routing subnet was put as class C so small than one thousands plus IP address bigger subnet, he told me no need put so big as they will never use so many IP addresses. Also I asked my Principal engineer also in house staff to come help me see, so he asked me how I trace. I show him my routing table and point to that routing, he used subnet calculator to see if I trace correctly. Very clearly, I can start not to trust him anymore as he using subnet calculator for such a simple task as he had no basic knowledge of network. I do use subnet calculator but very rare, unless is a complex network for finding or planning. He done some check on his equipment and told me is user issue asked them to check their side. I replied e-mail attaching my firewall logs in GUI said out cannot see traffic but in can asking other team to trace this route. So next hop IP addresses the other team ask me to check my team what is that equipment. I asking my team again got no info so replied honestly speaking I tried my best to ask my team got no info about this IP address did not dare to say does not belong to my team equipment. Also there is another network request got approved but I found out got typo error as cannot find the IP address too obvious less a digit send back. They ask me process the rest and that one they will correct it submit approval again so I completed their request. Basically the approval is normally a scholar. I thinking they got scholar by simply singing praises and lie at the same time as no network knowledge at all.

I was also handling VPN equipment. My team had 7 contract staff, handle two different network. I and my colleague who took long hospital leave handle a smaller network, the 5 contractors handle another bigger network but report to different company not same as me. If if one was away left 4 of them they can distribute work load compare to me one man in an island handle everything till I resigned also even handled some part of her e-mail gateway. So he work as contractor over 2 years, I observe him that his english is not that good can ask me how to reply sometimes to others in e-mail. He cannot read the client VPN logs to understand some of it well. So where there is network unstable issue sometimes will disconnect client will send in VPN logs. His network is affected and mine also to check. I checked mine from the logs clearly shown is the wifi disconnected a few seconds and reconnected back after that so VPN reconnect again so end user problem not my equipment and network problem send e-mail ask him to reply user like that. He argue cannot reply like that will piss them off made the issue worsen. He check his network said to me they pull out the smart card causing VPN disconnected, asked him to check if logs can see but he could not find it.

So in staff conference only inhouse staff all of them are invited. I need to monitor their network performance hopefully no issue as a few thousands connect mostly via VPN as work from home so I hear it. I was sadden that they mention money a few times as it gathered the most likes among many question, in this period of covid19 they should not mention this so openly should take this offline speak to their direct boss or HR instead. If this is recorded and my country Prime Minister heard it, is a shame to the whole country. Many people loss job and many pay cut. Minister announced last year they took no pay leave for 3 months at least, they can choose to do nothing, instead they serve the nation and fight covid19 with us together. This is my highest pay job over 5K monthly. Last time I work in end user computing left in 2018 pay was 3.5K monthly SGD. Next year I not sure what job I can find, maybe 4K or lower. I had been feedback I do not have much soft skill need to be soft with my client as they paid my service, hence I cannot become like Lead or manager to handle even one staff not just a team under me well to work. Also this company also said got feedback I slow in my work to catch up well from my client, need to do performance review as I worked close to a year as they no info about my work in 03 Dec 21 Friday afternoon phone call, but I resigned after that.

I just converted to perm from contract job.

After I work about 3 months plus, I was offered a perm job converted from contract job. So End June this year I started my perm job but project is the same no change. Received pro rata completion bonus and some increase in basic wages. Benefit will be more like leave. Will be finishing my probation soon this month end for 3 months.

Previous post of my blog is not myphp, is mysql to mysqli. Anyway, about the tithe or give 10 percent to church they said from bible got blessing is false that causing covid19 to happened, I do not wish to comment much.

My port folio some scripting issue is resolved.

Since last year mid, I moved this blog to another webhost, find that my port folio some scripts are not working. It is due to myphp function is already end of life which I did not update since before last year had received some error logs. Now I change to newer function myphpi and is working. This port folio is about a web site that I done during my higher diploma days major in web development in 2013. It is located at and admin login where now can login as function updated to myphpi spend 4 hours in username is abc password is 123. Source code to download is

Just changed a new job, gotten my bonus

My life is still good. After a year of job contract finished, got my bonus and changed a new job with a better offer. I had started my new job last week Wednesday, after my staycation with my girlfriend since last Sun 2 nights before this new job started. I known my girlfriend over a year and we just celebrated one year anniversary after we got engaged on 07 Dec and first met is Oct last year. I work in network engineer basically not much after office hour work and standby need to call back or phone support mostly at night and over weekend which my previous job happened sometimes that why quit no personal time have to response soon not a planned scheduled support work. This new job will put my CCNA cisco network cert into good use, but bad things is I am required to keep this cert valid which requires to recertified every 3 years. Due to Covid19, my CCNA passed in Apr 2019, extended 6 more months till Oct 2022 and before to sit same exam or higher certification exam like CCNP to pass exam in order to keep certification valid another 3 years. If failed money wasted and retake will spend money again. Now I am in Singapore, Covid19 is in phrase 3 from 28 Dec this year, vaccine is coming need to take like next year, then settle down buy house getting married go overseas honeymoon in a year or two to save up next year start.

I chosen to marry a Buddhist believer as at start trying to find many Christian but not much success. Due to last time I was water baptized in City Harvest Church Singapore, pastor went to jailed due to misuse of funds and already out of prison. At that time where church was in crisis, I attended the overnight prayer meeting, and I was surprise by the prayer list to pray for pastor not to go jail. I went back home in the morning and read bible to realize that in New testament, Jesus did not believe in Tithing and he does not Tithe, only says cheerful giver to give out of love and heart and generously, which the bible is perfect in teaching, but human lust for money instead by encouraging believer to tithe or give ten percent of income to church to be blessed which is a false teaching end up pastor in jail for misuse of church fund. Tithing come from old testament which there is no Jesus, they worship God by law of tithe, not new testament where there is birth of Jesus is love and grace we should follow. Those who believe in tithing and does it is not a believer of Jesus to follow him, rather they are worshipper of old testament not a true teaching of what Church is. Church is not formed in old testament does not exist, but rather temple where they worship idols, and tithe. So I ask Christian lady if they believe in tithe and do it to be bless, the answer is Yes. If one says no, she is perfect and I will marry her but I found none after so many years of dating met many Christian Single ladies. So I will not influence or and pressure my girlfriend to believe Jesus. Even I have a family I will do the same to my kid also as I believe as long they love itself and others to do good is more than enough to grow up as adult. If I have kid later on believe Jesus will be good but I let them choose the best to believe in which faith or free thinker.

Update about my life

It had been a year plus I did not update my blog. There are a few updates. Firstly, Since I service my debt under DRS in 2015, End Dec 2019 I fully paid off my debt. I am now debt free, no house as I currently stay with my sisters, also no car can use sis one if available. Of course any credit facilities cannot get any approval due to default record in my credit report where I service my debt, which will take 3 years to clear all in year 2022 to try apply again.

There is covid19 now, I still have my job. Also a girlfriend. But not a Christian. I no need to convert her to believe or trying to influence her. As you had seen my posting, I having different views with the church, had been seeking God why I cannot find a home church follow well. As God says, his twelve disciples does not worship God with a heart, causing him to hang himself to shows his love. Covid19 also shows church is most useless organisation. Also I google about yoke verse unequally yolk, it refers to idol worship, it does not mean believers cannot have love marry with unbelievers in a few top search. As I am a water baptize Christian, I am clear what I am doing. Yes definitely my girlfriend is a Buddhist, she will go find a fortune teller about going into marriage, I fully fine with it no issue to go with her so no church wedding. Even if i have child later on, I will have the freedom for child to believe or not in any faith, of course my faith is better but without any influence. God had spoken to me through the holy scripture that just worship him with a heart, no matter how big or small is good enough compare to his 12 disciples in new testament. Even Pastor and leaders in church cannot ensure they will go heaven but I can go in if there is a heart with him all the way, stated in John 3:16,17 not a simple prayer accepting him all those as me 20 years of believing him did not turn cold.

It hard to say when we get married like my parents wish next year end, but we can plan after vaccine is found for covid19 everyone has it to travel overseas vacation to plan, end up actual day can be two years or more from now.

I passed my exam CCNA in switching and routing version 3 certified.

Since start of last month, I started to buy study material and book to study. On Fri 12 March 2019 afternoon I passed my exam in part 1 to be CCENT certified. Just now in afternoon 1 April 2019 Monday I passed the second part of exam which is ICND2. Overall cost me over 500 Singapore dollars to book exam to study. S$450 for 2 exam each cost S$225, exam material like S$30 each X 2 for ICND1 and ICND2, with video lectures, PDF study material and most importantly premium exam dump questions.

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