There is many issue happening recently, this is what am I feel about and my sharing.

Well, even people in church asked me to start serving in ministry, but I thinking as to become minister for me instead even though I already left nothing now.

Resident can come and make all the complaint to me, I can always keep listening pretending for me to be their minister to serve the nation on stage later shown in local TV news, the only fellow who suffer is only me get nothing in the end that so simple.

Everyone born to be rich and generous is already in their mindset who do not want, only just want to stay poor all their life?

What kind of richness we all should have?

In the New testament, Jesus taught us to be love god, love people, love yourself, to preach the gospel where old testament does not have any four of these.

If people want to be rich lack any of the four, even not preaching the correct gospel to be good not great, this is what happen to the churches and the world a lot of problem.

If we give more bless more, people, churches priest pastor and leader also will give more bless more provided is according to the God word. This is so much better than spend a bit of money buy any lottery even.

For example, people sent up a business, get some contractor do task, once task done business owner get the credit but contractor get none, when bad things happen, contractor will be the first to get loss, what is these? Business owner no work done, or no good work or do not know what is good work? Of course contractor had some advantage, maybe learn more things but business owner know nothing only knows how to make money?

Our faith is the only one so far in the world had nice music where we can worship god mostly old music like classical or a bit secular pop music can some relate to, good story to know god also, which faith or no faith or against any faith people practice will have any of these?

I not against tithe, or giving 10% anything like time at least every Sunday 2 hours to be in church, money totally. For me I do not believe in especially in New Testament about tithing that why I do not have a home church locally till now. Well if people want to tithe, they should understand what is the meaning the truth like what I said in any of the four as above paragraphs of this e-mail reply. Of course people should be encouraged to give generously so that the ministry can do more good works.