I just come back yesterday afternoon, but due to the limitation of this blogging software, I use another photo gallery software to display instead for better online viewing experience.

Nothing to do there just wasted two days of annual leave bring forward last year. One of them who go to casino very often apply for VIP membership there using points to book a room for us. My parents slept in the bed and I slept in the sofa. By insert their VIP card to the car park VIP dedicated entry reader the parking is totally free.

Got free Wifi Internet access very fast unlimited but sometimes if next door a lot of people smoking our room can be very smelly. Got two TV, coffee making machine, steam and bathroom integrated. Put a deposit of cash S$400 but get back all after we check out.

I using my Samsung galaxy S3 LTE grey color phone to take picture some are not so clear.

Here is the link.