I just converted to perm from contract job.

After I work about 3 months plus, I was offered a perm job converted from contract job. So End June this year I started my perm job but project is the same no change. Received pro rata completion bonus and some increase in basic wages. Benefit will be more like leave. Will be finishing my probation soon this month end for 3 months.

Previous post of my blog is not myphp, is mysql to mysqli. Anyway, about the tithe or give 10 percent to church they said from bible got blessing is false that causing covid19 to happened, I do not wish to comment much.

My port folio some scripting issue is resolved.

Since last year mid, I moved this blog to another webhost, find that my port folio some scripts are not working. It is due to myphp function is already end of life which I did not update since before last year had received some error logs. Now I change to newer function myphpi and is working. This port folio is about a web site that I done during my higher diploma days major in web development in 2013. It is located at http://www.thomas81.com/tmc and admin login where now can login as function updated to myphpi spend 4 hours in http://www.thomas81.com/tmc/admin.html username is abc password is 123. Source code to download is http://www.thomas81.com/tmc/tmc.zip

My parents house were sold.

288 Yishun Avenue 6, 288 Yishun Avenue 6, 3 Bedrooms, 904 sqft, HDB Flats for sale, by Benjamin Lee, S$ 355,000, 23508703 (propertyguru.com.sg)

We had rent out this house at level 8 for 6 years average 2k monthly before selling it at 350K yesterday. 20 years ago in 2001 I think my parents purchase at 188K, for 20 years HDB loan just fully paid. Now my parents is living with my Big sister house and I stay with second sister house. If both parents get half but all put in CPF, can last them for 15 years if 170k each month withdraw 1.2k with 4 percent annual interest earned in retirement account.

Well if you cannot access the link if taken down you can try this saved wed page in my blog at 288 Yishun Avenue 6, 288 Yishun Avenue 6, 3 Bedrooms, 904 sqft, HDB Flats for sale, by Benjamin Lee, S$ 355,000, 23508703 (thomas81.com)

My mum won a big sweep lottery in Jan 21 draw first prize 2.3million SGD

Actually I am a Christian if you follow my blog long enough should not invest into any lottery. So mum won not I, but my mum preserve for my marriage and house some of it. I should work hard to earn a living not to depend on luck. If this happen, I should kept a secret but after sometime I decided to let it out and this is already no more secret and my dad will say all out to whole world earlier on. Someone says about Kama, which is mostly in faith Buddhist got says doing good many get more, doing bad not get become worse. She got full sum and cheque bank into her saving account did not have any deduction like tax locally.

Well my blog does not mention about my mum, she is not a ordinary woman. Since young she is a farmer planting vegetables to help in family never send to school at all got a hard life in lim chu kang. She take care of us the family well, cook daily healthy fresh nice dishes, wash clothes do house chore till now still doing, also my grand parent take care well but they already pass away more than 10 years ago from now so she got blessed. Since won a few nights of course my whole family cannot sleep well as won too much money. Now my sleep goes to normal I feel.

My dad dream of getting BMW luxury car had come after dreaming saying for so many years. Last week Saturday we tested drive BMW 7 series sedan car, then think about it go see other brand till we decided getting Lexus RX300 5 seater SUV as back seat more spacious for 3 people squeeze in, a bit less cost compare to BMW 7 series which this month end before next month Chinese new year will be ready no need to wait months as got ready stock for color of car external and internal we chose and salesman recommend. Dad also got new Rolex watch which both sister and mum help him choose and old Rolex watch cheaper one gave to his younger brother. US dollar near 1.6 million if 1.33 current conversion rate from small currency Singapore dollars 2.3 million.

Just changed a new job, gotten my bonus

My life is still good. After a year of job contract finished, got my bonus and changed a new job with a better offer. I had started my new job last week Wednesday, after my staycation with my girlfriend since last Sun 2 nights before this new job started. I known my girlfriend over a year and we just celebrated one year anniversary after we got engaged on 07 Dec and first met is Oct last year. I work in network engineer basically not much after office hour work and standby need to call back or phone support mostly at night and over weekend which my previous job happened sometimes that why quit no personal time have to response soon not a planned scheduled support work. This new job will put my CCNA cisco network cert into good use, but bad things is I am required to keep this cert valid which requires to recertified every 3 years. Due to Covid19, my CCNA passed in Apr 2019, extended 6 more months till Oct 2022 and before to sit same exam or higher certification exam like CCNP to pass exam in order to keep certification valid another 3 years. If failed money wasted and retake will spend money again. Now I am in Singapore, Covid19 is in phrase 3 from 28 Dec this year, vaccine is coming need to take like next year, then settle down buy house getting married go overseas honeymoon in a year or two to save up next year start.

I chosen to marry a Buddhist believer as at start trying to find many Christian but not much success. Due to last time I was water baptized in City Harvest Church Singapore, pastor went to jailed due to misuse of funds and already out of prison. At that time where church was in crisis, I attended the overnight prayer meeting, and I was surprise by the prayer list to pray for pastor not to go jail. I went back home in the morning and read bible to realize that in New testament, Jesus did not believe in Tithing and he does not Tithe, only says cheerful giver to give out of love and heart and generously, which the bible is perfect in teaching, but human lust for money instead by encouraging believer to tithe or give ten percent of income to church to be blessed which is a false teaching end up pastor in jail for misuse of church fund. Tithing come from old testament which there is no Jesus, they worship God by law of tithe, not new testament where there is birth of Jesus is love and grace we should follow. Those who believe in tithing and does it is not a believer of Jesus to follow him, rather they are worshipper of old testament not a true teaching of what Church is. Church is not formed in old testament does not exist, but rather temple where they worship idols, and tithe. So I ask Christian lady if they believe in tithe and do it to be bless, the answer is Yes. If one says no, she is perfect and I will marry her but I found none after so many years of dating met many Christian Single ladies. So I will not influence or and pressure my girlfriend to believe Jesus. Even I have a family I will do the same to my kid also as I believe as long they love itself and others to do good is more than enough to grow up as adult. If I have kid later on believe Jesus will be good but I let them choose the best to believe in which faith or free thinker.

Update about my life

It had been a year plus I did not update my blog. There are a few updates. Firstly, Since I service my debt under DRS in 2015, End Dec 2019 I fully paid off my debt. I am now debt free, no house as I currently stay with my sisters, also no car can use sis one if available. Of course any credit facilities cannot get any approval due to default record in my credit report where I service my debt, which will take 3 years to clear all in year 2022 to try apply again.

There is covid19 now, I still have my job. Also a girlfriend. But not a Christian. I no need to convert her to believe or trying to influence her. As you had seen my posting, I having different views with the church, had been seeking God why I cannot find a home church follow well. As God says, his twelve disciples does not worship God with a heart, causing him to hang himself to shows his love. Covid19 also shows church is most useless organisation. Also I google about yoke verse unequally yolk https://www.bible.ca/ef/expository-2-corinthians-6-14-18(2).htm, it refers to idol worship, it does not mean believers cannot have love marry with unbelievers in a few top search. As I am a water baptize Christian, I am clear what I am doing. Yes definitely my girlfriend is a Buddhist, she will go find a fortune teller about going into marriage, I fully fine with it no issue to go with her so no church wedding. Even if i have child later on, I will have the freedom for child to believe or not in any faith, of course my faith is better but without any influence. God had spoken to me through the holy scripture that just worship him with a heart, no matter how big or small is good enough compare to his 12 disciples in new testament. Even Pastor and leaders in church cannot ensure they will go heaven but I can go in if there is a heart with him all the way, stated in John 3:16,17 not a simple prayer accepting him all those as me 20 years of believing him did not turn cold.

It hard to say when we get married like my parents wish next year end, but we can plan after vaccine is found for covid19 everyone has it to travel overseas vacation to plan, end up actual day can be two years or more from now.

I passed my exam CCNA in switching and routing version 3 certified.

Since start of last month, I started to buy study material and book to study. On Fri 12 March 2019 afternoon I passed my exam in part 1 to be CCENT certified. Just now in afternoon 1 April 2019 Monday I passed the second part of exam which is ICND2. Overall cost me over 500 Singapore dollars to book exam to study. S$450 for 2 exam each cost S$225, exam material like S$30 each X 2 for ICND1 and ICND2, with video lectures, PDF study material and most importantly premium exam dump questions.

about job interview, good business practises on sales deal and personal data protection precaution I take recently.

I want to share about my job hunt from last week ago 5 weekdays I send a lot of resume in online job advertisement, in total I have received 11 interviews, 1 last Friday, 8 this week including tomorrow, 1 next Monday and 1 on Tuesday like from recruitment agency, next week got upcoming one also from recruitment agency but pending confirmation as they given me a date time got crash with another appointment.

In Summary out of 11 interviews appointment confirmed, I have 1 interview which is from job agency. Last 3 months ago, at least hit some recruitment agency, but some recruitment agency may ask you come to their office sign a application form stated like if you resign in 3 or 6 months need to pay agency a month of pay for service fee. This month I rested for a week in first week then prepare resume started to mass send online job advertisement, but this time a lot lesser to recruitment agency more on company direct job posting instead. This whole week and last weekend I stop send out my resume to prevent my call too flooded for job inquiry so I wait till next week start see how if I need to send mass resume online job advertisement again unless now I accepted a job offer.

So quite a big improvement as no need send my resume much to recruitment agency still can get a lot of job interview, provided there are some condition need to follow like resume must be very clear, detailed, not messy and duplicated information and also expected pay cannot jack up too much from last drawn also need to indicate in some others like clear passport photo for example.

That bring me to a point why I send you this e-mail. There is one job recruitment agency I caught her on hand due to my recently personal data protection precaution I take. This job recruitment agency called me my first mobile number, had send e-mail to confirmed appointment and stated near appointment date time she will contact me to prep through, so I replied her e-mail to confirmed appointment again. I do some search which I did not submit my resume through online job advertisement to this job recruitment agency at all only this month. So she called a day before, asking me if I free to prep before going for job interview, I told her 2pm onward can call me. So I waited at 830pm she called me using a different mobile number which is not in her e-mail signature stated to my second mobile number, asking me can talk, I told her make it quick, she ask my pro and con. So I told her this is not right and hang up the phone immediately. I send her e-mail immediately after I end her call asking I did not receive the JD, asked where do you see my resume to know this number, how come called using different number also. She replied my e-mail she found it from monster my resume which donkey years I never use monster online job advertisement web site to deposit my resume and make it public searchable. She also said the phone number talk time value run out did not top up so use another phone number to call me instead. I replied her e mail please delete all my resume and no need to find any more job from me due to personal data protection act.

I going to share what is good business practices on sales deal. This will exclude small simple business self employed like small food stall in hawker for example. Basically the sales should be working as a team, not as individual like one person more sales more commission and other less sales less commission earned. Maybe the organization can make sales team basic pay a bit less from other team or department or the same, but will enjoy commission equally just like round robin operation that kind. The sales team will have fair share of some difficult and easy client to get business deal in instead of people says those commission earn a lot than others due to having too many easy client causing it. Of course the organization will have to set a minimum sales target if not people come in to work after 3 months will have a mindset since first days onward that just get zero do nothing at work. Another example will be people sell laptop for S$100 as many as possible just to earn a bit of profit and or to hit sales target, but client use a few days become faulty does not work at all so other department or team will handle it cannot fix will cause the whole organization to suffer.

Hope my sharing is helpful to you and your team as well as to the nation. No action is required from you and your team. No law enforcement needed to set unless your team thinks is needed especially private organization have its way of running business as some organization will suffer or gain even they follow my suggestion or not. Your team can raise any small or big meeting to discuss if there is a need or issue going on now or later.

About giving and good faith practise.

There is many issue happening recently, this is what am I feel about and my sharing.

Well, even people in church asked me to start serving in ministry, but I thinking as to become minister for me instead even though I already left nothing now.

Resident can come and make all the complaint to me, I can always keep listening pretending for me to be their minister to serve the nation on stage later shown in local TV news, the only fellow who suffer is only me get nothing in the end that so simple.

Everyone born to be rich and generous is already in their mindset who do not want, only just want to stay poor all their life?

What kind of richness we all should have?

In the New testament, Jesus taught us to be love god, love people, love yourself, to preach the gospel where old testament does not have any four of these.

If people want to be rich lack any of the four, even not preaching the correct gospel to be good not great, this is what happen to the churches and the world a lot of problem.

If we give more bless more, people, churches priest pastor and leader also will give more bless more provided is according to the God word. This is so much better than spend a bit of money buy any lottery even.

For example, people sent up a business, get some contractor do task, once task done business owner get the credit but contractor get none, when bad things happen, contractor will be the first to get loss, what is these? Business owner no work done, or no good work or do not know what is good work? Of course contractor had some advantage, maybe learn more things but business owner know nothing only knows how to make money?

Our faith is the only one so far in the world had nice music where we can worship god mostly old music like classical or a bit secular pop music can some relate to, good story to know god also, which faith or no faith or against any faith people practice will have any of these?

I not against tithe, or giving 10% anything like time at least every Sunday 2 hours to be in church, money totally. For me I do not believe in especially in New Testament about tithing that why I do not have a home church locally till now. Well if people want to tithe, they should understand what is the meaning the truth like what I said in any of the four as above paragraphs of this e-mail reply. Of course people should be encouraged to give generously so that the ministry can do more good works.

Please protect your personal Data now, it is very precious to you in order to prevent any data leak.

As of the update of Personal Data Protection Act in 31 Aug 18 from https://www.pdpc.gov.sg/

I want to give you some guidance on how to protect your personal data due to new regulation of disclosing our identity number and images information in Singapore.

Firstly, you will need to spend money get a second mobile number to maintain it, this second mobile number can be insert into same mobile phone and it should work to receive and doing outgoing phone calls and text SMS if not can buy second phone for this usage. You never disclose your primary contact number to very close one even for work purpose at all. If emergency, also cannot disclose your primary number, should be someone who is very close to you too. Leave your primary number disclose to very closed one your loves one like friends for example. Now phone that can have two SIM card for two numbers are very cheap, cost three hundreds plus Singapore Dollars maybe with a local set full one year manufacture warranty right now. We do not need to use memory card to put in phone as I hardly use it, as got cloud service in phone online, additionally also have google or apple cloud service online to backup some stuffs in our phone.

The second number should be using it for work, apply job, like some organization for religion and if you use their product and service usage later on. If you somehow change the second number for at least like every month once, organization should send you e-mail like personal e-mail address to contact you instead if they cannot contact your number. Organization should just send one time reminder to your e-mail if they did not receive a reply from you like a few days later that all.

Identity number should be with last 4 characters only like 123A for example, remember to update all of your documents before you send out now like resume.

An Example for usage like writing resume.
A: Do not disclose your full name, only your surname at most with your English name similar to other kinds of religion name.
B: Birth date should be edited to year of birth, also do not disclose your birth date instead.
C: Address should not be disclose in full also, just put Ang Mo Kio for example.
For the D will be the phone number and E Identity number also.

The reason for doing A to E as above is due to there are too many issue with job agency doing head hunting so trying to safe guard. If head hunting call you to release a lot of these detail then they can later let you know the job information before they can submit for you, kindly reject them so that they can find a better people suited for their job recommendation. I will have to send resume now that I rested one week after my last day which is last month end, will avoid these kind of head hunter specialists as much as I can to slowly find job.