Actually I am a Christian if you follow my blog long enough should not invest into any lottery. So mum won not I, but my mum preserve for my marriage and house some of it. I should work hard to earn a living not to depend on luck. If this happen, I should kept a secret but after sometime I decided to let it out and this is already no more secret and my dad will say all out to whole world earlier on. Someone says about Kama, which is mostly in faith Buddhist got says doing good many get more, doing bad not get become worse. She got full sum and cheque bank into her saving account did not have any deduction like tax locally.

Well my blog does not mention about my mum, she is not a ordinary woman. Since young she is a farmer planting vegetables to help in family never send to school at all got a hard life in lim chu kang. She take care of us the family well, cook daily healthy fresh nice dishes, wash clothes do house chore till now still doing, also my grand parent take care well but they already pass away more than 10 years ago from now so she got blessed. Since won a few nights of course my whole family cannot sleep well as won too much money. Now my sleep goes to normal I feel.

My dad dream of getting BMW luxury car had come after dreaming saying for so many years. Last week Saturday we tested drive BMW 7 series sedan car, then think about it go see other brand till we decided getting Lexus RX300 5 seater SUV as back seat more spacious for 3 people squeeze in, a bit less cost compare to BMW 7 series which this month end before next month Chinese new year will be ready no need to wait months as got ready stock for color of car external and internal we chose and salesman recommend. Dad also got new Rolex watch which both sister and mum help him choose and old Rolex watch cheaper one gave to his younger brother. US dollar near 1.6 million if 1.33 current conversion rate from small currency Singapore dollars 2.3 million.