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Please protect your personal Data now, it is very precious to you in order to prevent any data leak.

As of the update of Personal Data Protection Act in 31 Aug 18 from

I want to give you some guidance on how to protect your personal data due to new regulation of disclosing our identity number and images information in Singapore.

Firstly, you will need to spend money get a second mobile number to maintain it, this second mobile number can be insert into same mobile phone and it should work to receive and doing outgoing phone calls and text SMS if not can buy second phone for this usage. You never disclose your primary contact number to very close one even for work purpose at all. If emergency, also cannot disclose your primary number, should be someone who is very close to you too. Leave your primary number disclose to very closed one your loves one like friends for example. Now phone that can have two SIM card for two numbers are very cheap, cost three hundreds plus Singapore Dollars maybe with a local set full one year manufacture warranty right now. We do not need to use memory card to put in phone as I hardly use it, as got cloud service in phone online, additionally also have google or apple cloud service online to backup some stuffs in our phone.

The second number should be using it for work, apply job, like some organization for religion and if you use their product and service usage later on. If you somehow change the second number for at least like every month once, organization should send you e-mail like personal e-mail address to contact you instead if they cannot contact your number. Organization should just send one time reminder to your e-mail if they did not receive a reply from you like a few days later that all.

Identity number should be with last 4 characters only like 123A for example, remember to update all of your documents before you send out now like resume.

An Example for usage like writing resume.
A: Do not disclose your full name, only your surname at most with your English name similar to other kinds of religion name.
B: Birth date should be edited to year of birth, also do not disclose your birth date instead.
C: Address should not be disclose in full also, just put Ang Mo Kio for example.
For the D will be the phone number and E Identity number also.

The reason for doing A to E as above is due to there are too many issue with job agency doing head hunting so trying to safe guard. If head hunting call you to release a lot of these detail then they can later let you know the job information before they can submit for you, kindly reject them so that they can find a better people suited for their job recommendation. I will have to send resume now that I rested one week after my last day which is last month end, will avoid these kind of head hunter specialists as much as I can to slowly find job.

Something interesting that happen in my life for the first time since I was born.

Well, a deposit account since bank started operating in the beginning as the first product is for you to put money with them so that you can take out. But you see the screen shot really amaze me if got such thing can happen really, not even talking about any kind of fund transfer, payment, credit facilities. Maybe I should not try to store anything on earth or even heaven as God is everything?

Cash is King. Bank is very Secure. I have no comment to say about cashless and/or fintech to promote now. Going to sleep soon as it passes midnight.

Now back to business, maybe service restored within two hours maybe.

Double confirmed not only me got this issue. It was reported by others earlier than me since Sat 01 Sep 2018 evening in this screen shot which I taken.

RE: I not welcome to go any churches in Singapore from past till now update.

God creation in book Genesis chapter 1 is for good work. Where we have problem in New testament Jesus was born to come and save us or help us as we have problem so that we can fix it and move on. In Book of Rev 1, then chapter 2 to 3 is about 7 churches, going to chapter 4 is about heaven. So definitely what I said about book 67 is correct. If you are in any believe, faith or religion, or you do not have any free thinker or you against any God, we should be doing good works, definitely not bad works or you even do not know about good works at all. Churches here are more towards business minded operation idea, where they did not know God is everything, if they know the truth much in the beginning, now is so much more better with blessing rather than business minded. Does not mean if you pray to idols is a sin, even got valid clause like funeral pay respect to immediate family member, or marriage even have no count as idolatry worship at all. Unless you nothing to do go and pray maybe is idolatry worship, this is what is about 7 churches about in revelation of what I said 67 book. Bad or good churches in those 7 churches does not really save you. Is the works of 67 books, maybe bad churches you in with your 67 books, you will succeed it in the end. Please do it right always if possible.

Currently I work in financial industry, but leaving in this month end as last day of work started work last month, in the past many years ago also financial industry. Both past and present financial organization are working as a contractor full time, not permanent staff in house. There is no system there to operate properly. There is a issue where there is an alien looking machine got problem, we go there cannot fix it so let others do it. Other said is not our machine and network, we also said is not our machine and connected to our network too. In the past not this organization, since we know the machine is rent not own by us maybe, we will try to contact support outside maybe to remote fix it may not need onsite visit.

We should know about national security. Even local or foreigner, this country or other country, or other planet, or other galaxy also need to know national security well even you know computer or not. We live in a new ERA with fast broadband all over the world fix or mobile, not in the past we use paper and pen and we call parent their pager for them to call us back. Definitely we are working in central database control everything, cannot be too slow pace, not spending any time effort and money now just do nothing. I may have to prepare resume soon to find job, but now in shame if work in this organization as I worked over 10 years plus in Computer system support in few organizations, got went to study some course get certification and school some years back.

I not welcome to go any churches in Singapore from past till now update.

What Jesus said now can confirmed is true. I do not need church to be a better person. Church is a public building for place of worship, can be a two or more people come to worship God. But I find why bible cannot say church is where two or more people come and make friends?

Yes, I having problem attending church as it is always full of people inside worship God, so just now I come a bit late just to observe will I have issue like 10 minutes later after Sunday service started. People knows is already full, scolded the Asher why cannot they go in. Asher like asking them did they book a seat, they did tell them the seat number, so they go in. I smile and laugh at them entering into cinema hall. I did not go in, as I did not book a seat inside so may not be able to go in. So might as well as go downstairs got ticket vending machine can insert money or card to purchase movie ticket so I can go in right? Anyway is really F not hell now. I went home after 5 minutes since I cannot go in.

I understand that people book seats, just like hawker center is normal, so is a personal problem not church problem, we or church cannot control much till now.

But the church does not have whistle blow policy, as you know the Asher can tell people no sound, no picture, no sound and picture, so people will left the cinema hall not attending services which happened the first time in my life in church as this issue can be very serious . The team trying to reduce people booking seats there but I think the situation will become more worse next week as we live in the ERA with social media, Fiber Broadband and 4G network not like in the past.

You read John 3:16 the most famous and sweet part, then verse 17-21 is all about works and right deed if not is dead. Then in the book of revelation chapter 2 to 3 it mention about 7 churches, but I thinks these 7 churches is about works. You can read all the 66 books in the holy bible, but what can really enter into heaven is your own book 67 most important, also refer as your works which is not written in the holy bible at past. So these 66 books can be just a guide line, how you perform is your own book 67.

I review about it a few years, since I not tithing regularly, even just give 10 Singapore dollars does not consider a tithe to church as a blogger here cannot be monthly earn just one hundred dollars only. Plus I do not serve in church, yes I do attend small meeting but it was too little so decided to give up stop coming. One year meeting is about 18 times average, not even 20 excluding big events or free and easy where no formal meeting is held in people house or meeting room like in church. So I recently just ask the church Data Protection Officer via e-mail to remove all my records in church to protect my data as it serve no use to them also just now send reminder if they had not done it so now. Even marriage like next time no need to be in church, as well as death will be under Singapore casket, as my teacher primary 6 got introduce me you need to go during an outing in school bus as he is very old at that time. My family support till now is well and proper.

I am a water baptize Christian, to really become a believer to follow him, then started to learn music shortly till now over 10 years plus in classical piano and singing not much progress. Now I started learn to improve my swimming like free and back style as frog style can swim 20 laps 50 meters pool in last month end spend about 45 minutes less than 50 minutes in water total, since over 20 years plus ago learn together with family. Also trying to learn Japanese language and maybe culture in read, write, speak. In few years ago, got attend commercial gym and personal trainer. So time in church is much less spend now maybe.

I not welcome to go any churches in Singapore from past till now.

I did feedback to them about this issue quite a few years ago some cinema venue got too many people come very early to reserve seats, can be one person reserve seats like whole row, at least a few seats not just one or two, the crowd will start to stream in for services like started 5 to 10 minutes ago to get the reserved seat but in the end it become more worst now. I do not think people can really reserve the seat just like that, since the cinema hall is very small, less then 100 seats, some cinema had bigger halls at most 200 to 300 seats. If people need to reserve seats, can go bigger place like main church building or bigger venues as cinema hall is really too small to do that. I understand that church main building security had put too many restriction on security, hence people no choice got to go other places like cinema venue. When I go church man building for services some time ago in the past, all people had to do bags check, they do not have x ray machines and metal detectors. So a poor old man carry a big bag full of clothes were asked to do security check, he take out most of the clothes in his bag and put back after done security check, me just a small bag also check. I find that this could be invade privacy and causing inconveniences to many people also.

Last week Sunday 17 Jun 2018 I was here early for service about 1120am.
Something not right is happening which is my first time in my life go to church.
Since it is also a father day,
the Asher told one person, no sound, the person left the place not attending church service.
the Asher told a couple, no picture, the couple left the place not attending church service.
the Asher told a family, no sound and picture, the family left the place not attending church service.
Of course I unhappy about it, but anyway if I cannot enter church services, I prepared to stay outside till services end or go inside no sound and picture.
So I went in, they just stop me for security check, I put my bag down, take out my music books, music folders, tablet so that they can do security check easier. But they did not even want to come near me to see all my stuffs at the tablet, also even to take a look at my bag, asked just pack up and leave.
I pack up and go to church services, I thinking, what a Hell saying loudly. I mean if you want to check just check, if not then no need to ask me do security check.
I went in to the services, was shocked that got sound and picture working perfectly till the end of services.

As of just now Sun 24 Jun 2018 I come 1120am to join the que outside. The Asher told me is full, I told him inside is not full as there is a lot of reserved seat and many people without reserve seat also just went in without join que to try luck if there is seat. So I waited from 1130am, ten minutes later Asher come out keep telling people no seats, but I do not see any pastor in charge come out and say in official way. I waited till 1319pm saw a large crowd coming out so the services end.
So I look at the photo taken, thinking like there are full of people need Jesus since I saw the word there FULL in the entrance, Jesus said “You are not welcome to any churches, you may do father business as usual.” So I left.

A letter to church.

I would not know how long I going to stay to attend this church regularly. Soon I will be hopping around many church, maybe visit this church once a blue moon like one to two months once on a Sunday service.

Pastor Rony Tan

Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands

81 Woodlands Circle

Singapore 738909


Dear Pastor Rony Tan,

As you known, I recently come back to your church. I decided to serve in praise light, I went for an audition that Brother Rico worship manager and sister Girlie choir lead church staff need me to attend at least sword light or cell light regular and after a few months will arrange an audition again. I tell them I would like to attend cell light, so brother Rico told me he will tomorrow Monday morning go to church ask them to arrange.  Pastor Alan How called me tomorrow Monday morning that I said I make lighthouse Evangelism a home church so he arranged a cell group for me to attend.

After attended a few times, I decided to lead worship piano in cell group which I never done before. I done once played 4 songs and got some problem ask for their feedback. They said some songs are unfamiliar, the cell leader host upright piano was too far at the corner at the living room from them sitting. I asked for a list of songs, the cell leader gave me ten songs and I choose 4 songs, bring my portable keyboard to host cell leader house to play. A few days before the cell group, I send the audio recording in WhatsApp group for them to prepare for coming cell group meeting worship as new way just trying out that this second song is using auto play only need to press chords done on Casio keyboard 61 keys portable model ctk4400 cost about S$300 for new set. Before that I asked my cell leader about the audio recording he finds ok. I did not attach audio recording in this letter so you want can ask Brother Rico as send to his e-mail or cell leader.

audio recording

The first song is ok a bit. But second song one brother sing very loud out of rhythm then I cannot auto play on keyboard well. Third song and last song he does that again so I cannot play well. Second song auto play is less time spend to prepare easier for me to play compare to the rest of three songs using manual piano way of playing. I went home called my cell leader over the phone a few mins to told him can tell in the cell group sing loud can but if out of rhythm can sing softer so can I can sing out to lead worship. He said cannot be done as people or someone will feel hurt. He finds people able to sing out loud and proper. So, A few days I decided and inform the cell leader I decided to left cell group due to this issue. I Had informed Brother Rico I left the cell group so not need to come for anymore audition for praise light no need to wait for me and also church camp in Malacca to withdraw due to not able to serve in praise light ministry. He called my cell leader and after that he told me two things, cell leader said piano or keyboard worship not conducive in this house and no one is singing loud.  

That make me even not going to serve in any ministry, and even visit another cell group to attend regularly so not making lighthouse evangelism my home church now after heard these two issues.

Another update. My mental illness condition is improving. Last few months I see psychiatrist she said I did not hear voices for a few years after asking me some of my symptoms if I had. Since I said I need medication so that I will not think so much bad things about people in work to resign very fast but going for long stable income she said I not suffering schizophrenia but bipolar disorder instead. Last few days on Thursday I went for follow up appointment, she checks on my symptoms and said since I work for few years already I may not need medication at all as work no stress stable income which maybe just mood disorder or simply mood problem. She reduced my medication half hopefully see me next year no need medication but yearly see her once just for review. Unless soon I change my job now contract to perm job more stress than have to take back medication. I ask her I have stable job, good family support but why church got so much problem you cannot help me as psychiatrist. She said is it that I go big church less problem but small church more problem. I told her it is not like that, just that if I go church without much interaction with people I can stay in church very long, just that once church tell us to go small group or serve ministry to interact a lot with few known people I have a lot of problem and left church going many churches. She said church in nature have many problems she cannot help any.

Final update, I met some lady for first time dating in online websites. Hopefully can find love and get married like two to three years from now. Since year 2004, I come first time to lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands as the church new building just started using. I know it from church flyer received at my house door step so visit it. Till now, my family all Taoist non-believer never come to any church since I become Christian. But last week Sunday afternoon service 3.15pm I managed to bring first person to lighthouse evangelism who I date her recently got from online web sites and stay through all the way even Pastor Pacer is praying for people at the altar at the end of service. She is Buddhist from Malaysia and want to go church with me as she never goes church before. I told her going church will make you a Christian. She said do not want to become Christian. Saturday miracle service she is in Johor. But Sunday service I told her church will ask you fill in welcome card so church will contact you so you need to handle if you told them you are not Christian, she said no need to let church knows she come first time. After the service end, we did not meet up the pastor to welcome her to church for first time. She said she like Christian songs just now in service like pop songs, but I do not think she refers to my loud singing being well properly sung. But I sing, pray, speak in tongue loud does not mean I more spiritual, just that maybe I attend music lessons in singing causing it used to loud. She said message preach was quite practical she understood some. But we broke off shortly a few days ago due to she told me she pregnant. Baby was last time boyfriend who broke off recently a month plus ago as he had baby with another lady. She wants to be single mother and keep the child.  

This letter is for your info and sharing. Reply is only needed if you able to solve that previous cell group issue to come back or visit another cell regular to make it home church again. Not look into lead worship in cell using any musical instrument as I know keyboard piano or a bit guitar, may cause more problem. I not against using YouTube if cell leader or group prefers, or pray hard for another musician come soon.


City Harvest appeal verdict: Six church leaders get reduced jail terms, Kong Hee gets 3½ years



SINGAPORE – A three-judge panel meted out reduced jail sentences for six City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders on convictions of criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts on Friday morning (April 7).

Church founder Kong Hee will have to spend 3½ years behind bars, in the high-profile case involving the misuse of millions in church money to fund the pop music career of his wife.

He had originally been handed an eight-year jail term in November 2015. His wife, Ms Ho Yeow Sun, whose racy music videos and lavish lifestyle had attracted controversy, did not come to court with him on Friday.

Kong, 52, together with five other church leaders, were found guilty in 2015 of varying charges of criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts, after a marathon 142-day trial that started in 2013.

The other five are deputy senior pastor Tan Ye Peng, 44; former CHC finance managers Serina Wee, 40, and Sharon Tan, 41; former CHC finance committee member John Lam, 49; and former CHC fund manager Chew Eng Han, 56.

Like Kong, all five had their jail terms reduced after the court, in a split decision, allowed their appeals against conviction and found them guilty of a less serious charge of criminal breach of trust.

Tan Ye Peng originally got 5½ years’ jail. He now has to serve three years and two months.

Chew originally got six years. He now has to serve three years and four months.

Wee originally got five years. She now has to serve 2½ years.

Lam originally received three years. He now has to serve 1½ years.

Sharon Tan originally received 21 months. She now has to serve seven months.

All six have requested for deferment before they start their jail terms.

They had channelled $24 million from CHC’s building fund into sham bonds in music production company Xtron and glass-maker Firna. The money was in fact used to fund the Crossover Project, a church mission to evangelise through the music of Ms Ho.

Later, another $26 million was used to cover up the sham bond investments.

Delivering their ruling, the judges said it is a situation which involved no personal gain on the appellants’ part. They believed that their acts, especially in sham investments, would advance the interest of the church. They accepted that the Crossover project was genuinely endorsed by the church, “even if it was not 100 per cent”.

“None of the appellants could be said to have benefited, and their fault lies in adopting the wrong means,” said the judges.

Kong, fingered as the key man behind the scandal, got the heaviest sentence.

The judges agreed that his overall culpability is the greatest and he provided the overall direction and moral assurance. He also instilled the confidence in the Crossover Project and his wife Sun Ho’s success in the US.

He was one of the main players if not the main player who set the direction in the sham charges, said the judges. His role as the spiritual leader and the breach of trust should be reflected in his sentence, they added.

His lawyer Edwin Tong told reporters: “He (Kong) has told me that he is disappointed with the outcome in terms of the conviction not being overturned.” But he appreciates that the judges said they were acting in the interest of the church, he added.

In November 2015, the six were handed jail terms ranging from 21 months to eight years in what prosecutors called the largest case of misuse of charitable funds in Singapore history.

The prosecution appealed for longer jail terms. The six also appealed, asking for their convictions to be overturned and for shorter jail terms.

The appeals were heard over five days in September last year.

On Friday, the court – Judge of Appeal Chao Hick Tin, and Justices Woo Bih Li and Chan Seng Onn – delivered their verdict in a packed courtroom. Members of the public started queuing up to get a seat in the courtroom as early as 1am.

City Harvest appeal: Kong Hee’s sentence reduced to 3.5 years


  • Posted 07 Apr 2017 09:59
  • Updated 07 Apr 2017 10:24

(Clockwise from top left): Tan Ye Peng, Kong Hee, John Lam, Chew Eng Han, Sharon Tan and Serina Wee. (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

SINGAPORE: City Harvest Church founder and senior pastor Kong Hee has had his prison sentence reduced to three years and six months from eight years, while the other five leaders also had their sentences reduced. 

The six were in court on Friday (Apr 7) to hear the outcome of their appeal against both their conviction and sentences after being found guilty in October 2015 of misappropriating about S$50 million of church funds.

Former fund manager Chew Eng Han had his six-year sentence lowered to three years and fourth months, while deputy pastor Tan Ye Peng had his original five-and-a-half-year sentence cut to three years and two months. 

Former finance manager Serina Wee Gek Yin’s original five-year sentence was halved to two years and six months, and former finance committee member John Lam Leng Hung’s three-year sentence was similarly halved to one year and six months. 

Former finance manager Sharon Tan Shao Yuen had her 21-month jail sentence lowered to seven months. 

Friday’s hearing was the culmination of a five-day appeal heard in September last year by a three-judge panel, including Judge of Appeal Chao Hick Tin and Justices Woo Bih Li and Chan Seng Onn.

After the revised sentences were announced, Kong, Lam, Chew, Tan and Wee all asked for their sentences to commence after two weeks, and the court agreed.

Sharon Tan had asked to defer the start of her sentence by two months, as her family is relocating overseas in June and she wants to help her children adjust to the move. The court agreed to this, too. 


The City Harvest case is unprecedented. The S$50 million taken from the mega-church’s coffers is the largest amount of charity funds ever misappropriated in Singapore.

The money was used to bankroll the secular music career of the pastor’s wife Sun Ho, without the knowledge of the congregation which is made up of tens of thousands of worshippers who had donated the millions of dollars to the church.

The case is unprecedented also because the millions were “replaced” through a series of sham investments and shady transactions, and the church ultimately suffered no financial loss.

“If this is the largest amount going out the door, it is also unprecedented in that it is the largest amount coming back,” Kong’s lawyer Jason Chan had said. 

Still, the actions of Kong and the five co-accused were criminal – they effectively took City Harvest Church’s funds into their own hands to use as they pleased, despite them being plainly not authorised to do so, a judge had said.

Although the congregation largely supported Sun Ho’s secular music career – through the church’s Crossover Project which aimed to use her music to evangelise – they had no idea that they were footing the bill.

A total of S$24 million of church funds diverted into sham investments was used to bankroll Ms Ho’s budding career and extravagant lifestyle. Another S$26 million of church funds was used to cover up the first amount to fool auditors and to conceal the fact that money from the church’s building fund – a restricted fund set aside for building-related expenses – had been used for an unauthorised purpose.

I got Certified in MCSA Server 2012 by passing three exams.

mcsa_winserv12_blkToday I done my third last exam and finally passed. This third exam I failed twice and this timeI study the same 3 times compare to one time in last time retake this same exam. First exam in July this year failed. So I retake in start Sep this year and passed. Second exam passed the first time. I brought the Microsoft booster pack for 3 exam with 4 retakes and practical test each of them included for USD$225 each so is total USD$675 which is about over S$940.

Next year Jan may seek my company for approval to take another year of contract training grant up to 1k per year to go for part time night course in CCNA routing and switching, then once completed use my pocket money to go exam. 

I completed the course MCSA Server 2012  in 3 months ended 1 July 2016 part time night course and assessment done with homework in school last week Friday in school in order to claim the government grant for subsided course fee.